Date: December 2019.   
Target: Paulistanos youngsters.

Role: Strategie design,
art direction 


 Seducação is a comprehensive yet exhaustive sexual education communication system.
It is exploiting social networks in order to guide Brazilian youngsters towards positive habits.

It all started from the observation that even though abortion is extremely restricted by law in Brazil, there are 1 million Brazilian women whom abort illegally and unsafely per year.
The aim of this project is to reduce the need for a termination in Brazil. That way, there would be less unsafe abortions, therefore less deaths due to complications. Sexual education being almost inexistent from Brazilian education, within any social classes. Seducação's goal is to attract youngsters to a format of education which does not carry the shameful or boring factor a classic sexual education might does. This system intends to relieve its target from the taboo a thriving sex life may bring in their education.




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