Date: April 2018   
Client: Arte France       
Role: Motion &
graphic designer

This project aims to educate the ARTE audience and federate around a cultural and feminist movement, the Female Gaze

This is my End of Bachelor project, which I saw as an opportunity to cover a topic I feel is important, to practice an engaged design after 3 years of learning to design for brands and exhibitions. Feminism is a strong value of mine. I believe Pop culture is a huge component of our education as a society, which is why I think that cinematography is extremely important to our culture.
I wished to represent a cinematographic movement which was not very relevant in France at the time. The Female Gaze is a feminist movement reacting to the male gaze that has been the main view point for Western cinematography since the beginnings of cinema. Films written, directed and produced by women for women. Below you will find a clumsy pilote episode for an Arte mini web show, that would demonstrate my capacities of research and the start of my engagement as a designer. 



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