Transcultural design tremendously relies on researching. Having an accurate perspective on a matter allows the designer to form a relevant solution. Whereas it is done by desk research or directly on the field, it is crucial for one to pursue the course of a project accordingly. You need to talk and share with the users if you want to serve them well.

Strategy is essential to a project which is going to have impact. Every choice needs to be well-thought and calculated, in regards to the previous findings. In order to create something that solves an issue, helps a situation, or that resembles the people it aims to touch. To isolate and iterate is the key of a project that has a strong basis and that builds a strategy which will be relevant and significant.

The process of prototyping is imperative for the good functionment of a project, with the intention to ensure that the solution is pertinent to the target. The users will help localize weaknesses and strenghten qualities of the designer's proposition.



Curiosity led me to acquire the creativity I hold nowadays. To give strength to diverse propositions, many will be trials, failed tests. Hardwork and ingenuity will be at the forefront of my work. The conception of a campaign, strategy or an event is cut up into several steps including methodology, observation and creativity.

For the sake of strategizing, you will need a direction.
A vision that will transport the topic beyond its limits. Having an axis in always a priority if you want your project to go well. To conduct a plan to its full advantage, you will need a story. Storytelling is primordial to any productions of direction. We need to pass on emotions through what we promote. A nice story told the right manner goes a long way.

If you are here, I presume you know the importance a logo has for a brand. But branding is so much more than that. Branding is about community, about creating a wholesome and attractive identity that will speak to a brand's audience/people/world. A brand or a product is not defined only by its logo. It is as much established by tangible effects, but also by its values and positions. 





┬ę Eva Dantec 2020
Graphic designer

75018, Paris 
IDF, France
Phone: +33648221481
Instagram: @evadantec´╗┐

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